Samsung Galaxy S3 Smart Features You Never Knew

The new Samsung Galaxy S3 has so many smart features, that I had to create a separate article for it, apart from the specifications’ article!

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The more I watch or read about Galaxy S3, the more features keep popping up..!! Here is the full list.

Amazing Camera Features

Now, about the camera features, S3 has geo-tagging, touch focus, smile & face detection, image stabilization, Voice activated photo capture, face zoom, Face Slideshow & Face tagging.

Also, S 3 can optionally connect with your Facebook or Google+ account to automatically recognize & tag your friends from the photos you take, and you can even upload that pic to Fb or G+ instantly.

Galaxy S3 camera

S 3 also empowers you to capture photos while shooting a video. It also allows you to tag people from contact groups.

It’s also got a zero shutter lag, with less than one second to open the camera 😀

Best Photo Feature in Burst Mode

The Burst Mode can take upto 20 photos at a time. What’s more? It selects the best photo automatically, so you never picture a person with blinked eyes again! 😉

Galaxy S3 Best Photo Feature

Also, the camera takes 3.3 photos per second in burst mode, and that’s the fastest ever, as claimed by Samsung. Though I remember HTC claiming One X takes 4 shots per second, correct me if am wrong in the comments.

Buddy Photo Share

This is a feature I love. When you take a photo of your friends, the S 3 will recognize those faces and allow you to send a copy of that pic to everyone it recognized via MMS or email.

Galaxy S3 Buddy Share

So the next time a friend of yours clicks a group photo on his S 3, each person in the group will be sent that pic instantly!!

Eye Tracking

Another of my favorites! The front camera of Galaxy S3 detects your eye movement! So S3 will detect when you look at a tagged photo of your friend, and will show up the name of that friend below his face, along with options to call, message, mail or chat with that friend.

Galaxy S3 Eye Tracking

Also, it will display that friend’s latest Facebook, Google+ or Twitter status below their face when you look upon it, or allow you to send that pic to that friend via MMS!

S-Voice | Galaxy S3 Voice Assistant

Galaxy S3 comes with a Siri-like voice assistant that responds to your natural language voice commands. You can wake up your Galaxy S3 with upto 5 personalized voice commands, like “Hi Galaxy”, or “Wake Up”.

Using voice commands with S-Voice, you can ask for weather details, set alarms, reminders or schedules, take photos, open apps, control music player, control volume, snooze alarm & do much more.

Galaxy S3 S Voice


Or you can choose to chat with S-Voice as if it was a human, asking silly questions or tongue twisters, just like we did with Siri. Also, S-voice currently comes in 8 languages: American English, British English, Italian, Germany, Mediterranean, Latin, Spanish & Korean.

Direct Call Gesture Feature

Direct call is an awesome gesture feature. Lift the phone to your ear while displaying a contact and it will call that person..!!

Same would happen if you are texting a person, just lift the phone to your ear, the proximity sensor of Galaxy S3 will detect it & call that person 😀

Galaxy S3 Direct Call

These small useful features are what make our smartphone experience magical!

Smart Stay

If you are reading an eBook or a web page online, to avoid the screen from locking itself due to inactivity on the S3, its front camera will track your eyes, & till you are looking at the Galaxy S3 it won’t lock/dim the screen.

Galaxy S3 Smart Stay

And when you look away from the Galaxy S3, the screen will lock itself say after 4-5 seconds of your looking away. Also, as soon as you look at the screen again, it will unlock the screen automatically & instantly, no need to press the sleep button!

This is surely gonna boost the battery & ease of use….

Smart Alert

As soon as you pick up the phone after leaving it alone for some time, the S3 gives a vibrating nudge to notify you of all the calls & messages you missed in between that period.

Galaxy S3 Smart Alert

Responding to that vibration, when you look upon the screen, Galaxy S3 displays the missed calls, messages and more by tracking your eyes…

S-Beam – Real Fast NFC sharing

Tap the backs of 2 Galaxy S3 smartphones against each other, to transfer multimedia files (Video/Audio/text) from one to the other. It combines NFC & WiFi Direct to transfer the data at speeds of upto 5 mbps.

Galaxy S3 S Beam

However, S-Beam only works for transferring from S3 to S3, not to any other Android phone. For that, we’ve got Android Beam, compatible with Galaxy Nexus Prime, HTC One X & more, though S-Beam is faster than Android Beam.

Group Cast

It lets you share files or whatever you’re working on, with users on the same WiFi Network. Samsung is offering an SDK and API so developers can build their own apps for Group Cast.

All-Share Play & Cast

AllShare Play uses cloud power to sync your data from Galaxy S3 to any other smartphone, computer or tablet in real time. Maybe Samsung will use SugarSync as the cloud storage service for AllShare Play.

Galaxy S3 AllShare Cast

AllShare Cast lets you broadcast app activity on S3, to any other device via DLNA & WiFi Direct in real time. So you can play that motion racing game on your big Android TV screen, while using the S3 as the motion controller….cool!

Pop Up Play – Real Multitasking

This amazing feature allows you to play a video on top of any app. While watching a video, tap the Pop Up Play option & the video decreases in size. Now drag the small video to any app & watch the video over that app.

Galaxy S3 Pop Up Play

So now you can watch Batman: The dark Knight Rises trailer while texting your friend, without having to switch in between apps. The video works like a light box, allowing you to re-size & re-position it over the app.

Amazing things that Quad Core has to offer, now that’s real multitasking I say!

Wireless Charging Kit

Had to include this accessory in the list, though it’s nothing revolutionary as you might think. This optional wireless charging kit is sold separately.

You place your Galaxy S3 over the pod in this charger & that’s it, the coil inside the charger induces current inside the coil of your Galaxy S3 to charge it, wireless!

Galaxy S3 Wireless Charging Kit
Galaxy S3 Wireless Charging Kit
Limitations of wireless charging

This is induction charging, so you need to place the phone over the pod of this kit, just a few milimeters away from it, or else it won’t work.

Also, it is very less efficient, so your phone will charge very slowly, compared to when connecting it via wire. And oh yea, the kit has been delayed until September….

Also, did I mention that Galaxy S3 will have 50 GB free storage on Dropbox for first 2 years..??!!

Which of these is your favorite Smart feature?? Use the comments below to let it out 😉

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  1. PLEASE – what is mbps? Did you really mean 5 millibits per second? That’s what mbps means. Look up the conventions and common practice for units: if you meant megabytes per second, then please be precise and write 5 MBps.

    1. Exactly Ishaan, as I said in the post, even One X has 4shots per second…..weird of Samsung to make such a claim.

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