jZip (Small Yet Powerful Winzip Alternative) – Free Download and Review

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What is jZip?

jZip is a new Freeware utility tool for compressing files for Windows platform. It supports a wide array of file formats including but not limited to RAR, ISO, 7z, ZIP and TAR. It supports all compression files created under WinRAR, Win ZIP and default ZIP applications.

Is jZIP free to use?

jzip is completely free for everyone including enterprise users. It is safe and secure as the technology has been built under the same 7z compressor which is used world wide for professional use. If you are a system administrator and want to compress files using a remote server you can check these command lines for jZip

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jZip Versions

There are two versions of jZip –

  1. Home Version: It is a complete software bundle with add ons and associated files.
  2. Corporate Version: It is just the installation file without the addons and dependent files.

jZip Free Download for Windows

jZip can be run under any Windows operating system (XP, Vista, Win 7, Win Server 2003/2008). jZip can be download free of cost from the official website. Download jZip

jZip Alternatives for Mac

As of now there are no working version for Mac or LINUX. Although the devs are keeping quiet about any such development, we have a hunch that it is going to be avaiable soon. For the time being you ca try the following alternatives:

This is an unofficial 7zip build and can be used conveniently with all Mac machines

Winrar for Mac works smoothly for all Mac OS and OS X systems.

Winzip has provided Mac version specially since this is a very powerful program.


Being a windows users it is always a fun to use the default zip compressor but when it comes to advanced functionality jZip comes in handy for sure. You can add password to the files and compress them at higher compression ratios for saving more space. The program gets installed easily and uses very low RAM resource during conversions. You can add additional information with the file such as – extraction path, compression ratio in quick steps.

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