Best ISO File Opener Softwares

Microsft Virtual CD ROM image

ISO is a file extension for CD or DVD image. There are two ways to open an ISO file. You can directly open this file or you can use the mount option to load the ISO image on your computer. For directly opening the file you can use 7¬†Zip, WinRAR and other free programs. You can also modify the content with these programs but it is not advisable as this will clutter the md5 check-sum of the file.The other option won’t will not allow you to modify the content but you can open and copy content from it. This can be done by mounting ISO image on a virtual drive. For more information check out the most widely used ISO file opener mentioned below.

Open ISO File Using these Free Softwares

We at Trickvilla have decided to merge in all top ISO file openers which can help you effectively manage and edit ISO files. Some of these programs may be a bit old but they are all work fine. All of them are freeware/shareware which hence makes them most loved applications of all times.

Clone Drive

This program is probably the best in the reading segment. The only drawback is that it does not supports versions after Windows XP. You can read edit modify and crate new ISO images with this small application. This program has been in use for the last 7 years and sure promises professional working experience. Get Clone drive directly from their official page.


winrar image

WinRAR is not a hundred percent free program but you can use it without any problem for as long as you like. It is one of the compressor and decompress application which can read and generate almost all type of compressed file formats. It can easily help you with ISO format and you can browse and modify the contents inside them as well.


7zip image

7-Zip is an open source program. Most part of the program code fall under GNU LGPL license. The unRAR (3rd Part code) is issued under mixed license mode of GNU LGPL and UNRAR restrictions. This is a completely free program and you can download it from the Official Website.

Daemon Tools Lite


Daemon tools can help you open ISO files easily. This program is mostly used by gamers to mount and play games which needs CD/DVD. One can easily copy the disk content and make an ISO file and mount them with daemon tools lite and start playing the game in no time. You can download Daemon Tools Lite by following this link.

Gizmo Central

This program is designed and developed by Arainia Solutions and has many added features apart from managing ISO and other file formats. It is a freeware and offers high quality support for users as well. It also has a HEX editor and Syntax editor bundled with the core program. Just click the link above to find the owner’s website.

Phantom CD

Phantom CD is a free iso file opener application. It supports Windows XP, VISTA. The file size is 7mb approx and you can get from here.

Microsoft Virtual CD ROM

Microsft Virtual CD ROM image

Microsoft has designed this application specifically for Windows XP users. IF you are using Windows 7 or VISTA you will have to use the inbuilt virtual image drive. This is not exactly a freeware but it costs you nothing for sure. Get it from the Official Microsoft Download page.

The list has been updated to ensure all up-to-date working programs are available for your use.All these applications are available for free and you can download them directly from their respective official websites. If you happen to know some other freeware application which can be used to mange ISO files, you can add them up in the comment section.

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