iPhone Pro Tricks & Tweaks

Secret iPhone Pro Tricks for efficiency

These iPhone Tricks are really helpful in your iPhone’s everyday use, whether you are an iPhone pro user or a passive one. These iPhone pro tricks will help you maximize its performance, so here we go:

How to Restart iPhone Quickly

Traditionally, to restart iPhone, you need to press and hold the Sleep/Wake button for a few seconds, until the red slide to power off slider appears, then slide the slider. Now you need to start your iPhone again.

But for a quicker restart, press and hold the Home button and the Sleep button together. A white light will flash on screen, the phone will shut off and then turn back on automatically. That easy!

Press n hold Home & Sleep Buttons for restart
Press n hold Home & Sleep Buttons for restart

Note: Keep holding until the screen turns back on.

Repair your wet iPhone

Make sure to read how to save your wet mobile, it might come in handy in the future…

How to Divert a ‘Badly-Timed’ Call to Voice Mail

Imagine getting a call that you do not want to pick up, not at that moment at least.

You can easily ignore and send the call to voicemail by clicking the sleep button twice.

Multi-Function Button in Earphones

You won’t be surprised if I say that the iPhone’s native headphones have a button inside the microphone.

Just squeeze the microphone together, and the button gets pressed. No this ain’t the surprise of course, but the following is:

The button’s functions:

During a call:

  • Press once to answer or to put the call on hold.
  • Hold for 2 seconds to send the call to voicemail

During a call while second call is coming in:

  • Click once to hold current call and switch to new call.
  • Hold for 2 seconds to ignore new call and send it to voicemail.

Out of call:

  • Hold for 2 seconds to activate Voice Control (on iPhone 3Gs+)
  • Press once to play song from your playlist.
  • Press once to pause song.
  • Press twice to skip to next song.
  • Click thrice to go back to start of song or previous song.
  • Click once then click and hold to fast forward the song.
  • Click twice then click and hold to rewind the song.

And you took that button to be ordinary…!!

How to take a Screen Shot

To take a screen shot of your iPhone, hold the home button and click the sleep button.
The screen will flash white and the screen shot will be stored in your camera roll.

iphone screenshot
iphone screenshot combo!

How to avoid interruptions during back-up and sync

We’ve all experienced it. You’re backing up or syncing your iPhone, and the hour long back up is nearly complete. Then
all of a sudden you get a phone call, and the whole back up/sync is void.

To avoid this happening :

  • Simply start the backup/sync
  • Then pull out your SIM card. Do not worry, this does not damage your phone at all. Put it back in once everything is complete.
  • This way, your backup won’t get interrupted. Now insert the SIM into another handset to continue receiving or making calls.

Home Button Tricks

iPhone’s Home button is more functional than you thought- it’s not just there to take you back to the home page.

  • There is a common misconception that you must press the Sleep/Wake button to bring your iPhone out of sleep mode.
    You can press the home button too.
  • You can assign several functions to double-clicking your Home button. Simply go to Settings > General > Home Button. You should arrive at this menu:
Iphone home button trick
iPhone home button trick
  • Setting iPod Controls to On means that if you already have music playing, double clicking the Home button will bring up iPod controls, even if you have the Home Button set to phone favorites.
  • Double clicking the home button from the Slide to unlock screen will always brings up iPod controls, right over that lock screen. So you can control your iPod without even unlocking your iPhone.

Got some more iPhone tricks under your hat?? Share ’em in the comments below 😉

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