FireFTP – Download, Features, Tutorial and Chrome Alternatives

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What is FireFTP?

It is an open source, FTP client add-on program for Firefox Mozilla browser. It supports all platforms supported by Firefox browser and can handle web upload and download of files and directories effectively.

fireftp firefox image

The last stable version is v2.0.4.

FireFTP Features

We have mentioned some of the main features of this program.

  • It is a free program
  • Supports multiple platforms
  • Safe and secure with powerful encryption
  • Easy Sync and Multiple Character support
  • Auto resumes and reconnects transfer of files
  • Multilingual support
  • Search and filter options
  • Quick drag and drop options available
  • Latest IPv6 support
  • Directory cache support
  • Remote editing
  • Advanced attribute editor
  • Brilliant performance with less or no bugs

For complete analysis of features and added roles, you can check out this link.

FireFTP Toolbar

There is not much difference between the original FireFTP add-on and this toolbar. When this program was first launched it missed the toolbar button. Hence, after a few version upgrades this toolbar was added to the Firefox Gallery. You simply need to drag this button to your toolbar to make the program work.

How to Install FireFTP?

You must have Firefox to use this add-on program. It does not work with any other browser as of now. Use the following steps to install it –

  1. Download FireFTP
  2. Press the Install button when prompted
  3. Wait for a few seconds for the installation to complete
  4. Restart browser when prompted

Note: Sometimes the Mozilla server is overloaded, due to which you might come across file not found problems. Wait for a few minutes and try again.

How to connect FTP server with FireFTP?

You must have the username and password the server which you are trying to connect. Some web servers do allow anonymous log in. However, most of them require password for authentication.

Use the following steps to establish a connection:

  1. Open Firefox
  2. Click on Tools- > Web Developer- > FireFTP- >Accounts
  3. Under the Accounts tab create a new account
  4. On the Host field enter the name of your Web server/Website/IP Address
  5. Enter Username and Password which is already supplied to you while buying the web server
  6. Press Ok to save the account
  7. Now click on the Connect button to authenticate a connection to your server
  8. Wait for 2-3 seconds and your connection will be established

After you have connected you can see the list of local files on left and Server files on the right. Simply drag and drop to move files across them.

Tutorial for using SFTP in FireFTP?

SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) is a server feature and cannot be used for connecting to every type of servers. It is available from version 0.99. It uses PuTTY via IPC in older version of the server protocols whereas the newer ones utilize the JavaScript port by accessing the paramiko library.

Additional Options and Settings

Some of the extra options and settings of this program have been mentioned below:

  • Show Welcome Message – Display a welcome message on successfully connecting to the server.
  • Show Error Message – This message box will display the previously occurred error mentioned in the log files. You can turn off this message.
  • Remember Passwords – Will ask to save your password.
  • Cache Directory Listings – Will display the cached directory content every time you open up a new directory in your remote server.
  • Auto Refresh – Will display the refresed directory content every time you open up a new directory in your remote server.
  • Show Hidden Files – As the name suggests, it will display the hidden files as well.
  • Proxy – Configure proxy connections for your FTP connection.
  • Limit Ports –You can use this option to specify port number to use while establishing a connection.
  • Max. Simultaneous transfers – This option supports up-to 10 different parallel connections to a single server. Make sure your server does not slow down during maximum connection usage.
  • Network timeout – It specifies the number of seconds to wait before an idle position is declared by the server.
  • If disconnect, try to reconnect/Retry Delay/Retry Attempts – This is most important option while using FTP connection. If anything goes wrong during the upload/download session, FireFTP will automatically check and retry to resume all affected queue and files waiting their transaction. You can specify number to attempts to make before dumping the connection.
  • Import/Export –You can import or export FireFTP saved passwords and sites list from on system to another using this feature.

Fireftp Alternatives for Chrome

FireFTP is not available for Chrome browser. If you are looking for similar program for your browser you can check out the following alternatives –

Download FireFTP Add-On

You can download FireFTP directly from official Mozilla Store by using this link. It works on all operating Systems including Windows, Mac and Linux.

If you know any similar programs which serves the same purpose do remember to mention them in our comment section.

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