10 Best Screen Sharing Softwares

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Since I started troubleshooting networks and remote systems I have noticed the desktop and screen sharing programs to be the most important way to get the task done. It makes the work easier as it retains the responsive environment under which both the users and the supporting staff can easily share data and guide each other. The screen sharing software is a must-have tool for both individual and team engaged in remote assistance. You can easily connect with systems across continents and work as if you are physically present before the remote machine itself. I have listed some of the most elite screen and desktop sharing programs which have made my life easier –

Team Viewer

I have found it to be the best screen sharing program available so far. You can use this for both personal and professional use. You need not pay a dime if you are an individual and using this for your own personal non-commercial usage. But if you are using this on a commercial basis, you need to buy it from the official website which sure costs a bit. Team Viewer Picture


  • Instant Remote Support
  • Complete Remote Access
  • Access Computer from Anywhere
  • Complete Remote Maintenance


LogMeIn Free is a 100 percent free program and offers many premium services at no extra cost. It is completely free for private usage. This means you can easily connect to your home system while working at office and vice versa. The main advantage of this application is the mobile support that it comes with. You can virtually control and access your Desktop machine directly from your iPhone and supporting devices. LogMeIn Image


  • Control Desktop from Anywhere
  • Mobile Access
  • Remotely start System from Sleep mode
  • Secure Encrypted Connection

Skype + Sky Remote

If you are a regular Skype user and mostly love the overall interface of the program, you can use the same for remote desktop screen sharing as well. All you need to do is ask your connected client to select the share screen option from the tools andyou can have the direct view of their machine  just like that. Now, if you want to remote control the machines you will have to install the Sky Remote add on for the program. It is undoubtedly free and offers quality remote access. Skype + Sky Remote Photo


  • Chat while you share screen
  • Quality picture resolution
  • Multiple Skype Instance Support
  • View Multiple Remote Desktops Simultaneously


This is a code project initiative and sort of complex, yet free alternative for experimenting users. You need to have the Skype program installed on your system. Now you need to download the source code form the website and follow the instructions explained there. Usually, people who are not much into tech experiments do not find this  that easy. You can use the Sky Remote option as an alternative to this. ShowMyPC Picture


  • Complete Source code to experiment with
  • Free to use and download
  • Can add your own function to the core program
  • Modify and edit interface panel

Unyte Lyte

This program offers no remote control feature but provides free screen sharing facilities for users who are using Yahoo messenger. It is an add-on and cannot be used explicitly. You must have Yahoo messenger to use this program. It adds a Share desktop button to the main program and with a single slick allows you to share your screen with any one across the chat network. Unyte Lyte Image


  • Chat while you share screen
  • Good Picture quality
  • One click Screen share
  • Good for presentations and training personals

Cross Loop

It provides you with two different options to chose from – Screen sharing and remote desktop. You can also use both and they are available for free. The remote Access version also provides additional features for paid subscriptions.

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  • Simple and easy to use
  • Unlimited Sessions
  • Secure and Encrypted
  • Remote reboot and Reconnect


It is another free tool for securely connecting to a remote machine. It is a web based program and sure beats all its competitors when it comes to screen sharing. No remote control options are available for this application and you can simply share screen and pin point any position on the desktop with your mouse – a very useful tool for online tutors and virtual assistants.

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  • Mouse pointer effects
  • One click Navigation
  • Safe and secure with no risks of file hijacking
  • 256 bit SSL Encrypted connection

Yugma Free

There are two versions of this program Free and Paid. The free version allows you to connect to one client every 30 mins and offers quality web conferencing experience. It also supports remote support with standard keyboard and mouse. It is one of the highly paid applications which sure prove its worth, when it comes to enterprise support and functions.

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  • Provides Online Support
  • Direct file sharing Allowed
  • Secure connectivity option
  • Real time collaboration

Screen Leap

This is yet another easy to use program to share your screen instantly with any device by using a web browser. It supports multiple platforms and can be used across browsers like Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer.

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  • No Installation Requirement
  • One Click Sharing
  • No Sign Up or Registration required
  • Hassle Free Viewing

Screen Stream

This is another screen sharing program that, unfortunately, does not support remote login. However, it can be efficiently used to stream your desktop view to multiple clients across the internet. This is a free program and is available for download directly from the official webpage. It also takes up very less system resources and smartly utilizes bandwidth outage to the streaming systems.

Screen Stream Picture


  • Unlimited client share
  • Support very old configurations
  • Consumes very less Resources
  • Optional Access code can also be provided for secure connectivity

There are possibly many more quality screen sharing apps and programs which have been left out from this list. If you have a personal experience with any such application, do share your views in the comment section.

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