Asphalt 7: Heat For Android Review

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The Asphalt 7 Heat for Android is all set to break the records of GameLoft  achievements. The initial 7 days of release showed steep downloads and it is still trending high on Google Play Store. Asphalt is undoubtedly one of the best racing games out there for smart phone users. If Need for Speed is meant for the console, Asphalt is deigned for the smart mobile screens. Lets check out this version in detail.

The latest version is tagged the name – Heat. A small trailer of this game was shown during the promotion of Samsung Galaxy S3, but it was iOS which got it first and later after a month it hit the Android Store.

Asphalt 7 Android Quick Overview

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  • Title of the Game: Asphalt 7: Heat
  • Platform: iOS and Android
  • Developer: Gameloft
  • Game Type: Paid Application
  • Release Date for Android: July 2012
  • Memory Requirement for Android: 1.5GB

Game Play Asphalt 7 Heat

As the other previous versions the Asphalt 7 is not so different. The Career mode concept has been modified to a total of 13 cups. Each of the cups have been tagged for multiple race tracks. In order to unlock a new cup you will have earn a minimum entry level point in the previous races.

Types of Races

There are 5 different tyoes of races designed for Asphalt 7 Android game. They are –

  1. Normal Race – This is a general situation where you need to race with other cars and have to come in top three poistion to win.
  2. Drift – You need to master the drifting art and beat the best scores in a limited amount of time.
  3. Old School Arcade – Here you need to race against clock.
  4. Beat ’em all – This is the most exciting mode where you have to eradicate precise number of cars for a particular cup
  5. Elimination – Here there are three laps and the car which comes last in every lap is eliminated until the last car remains standing.

Walk through Guide

You need to collect cash and nitro scattered on the race track. In order to overtake an enemy car you can drift your way ahead in the corner. There are 3 Nitro levels for your car. While in the maximum mode you can achieve power boost which will turn your screen blue. You can zap ahead and hit any opponent car in this mode and it will be taken down. But this mode is a bit difficult to control. You cannot be sure about your driving skills and the car might turn out of control on edges and curves. Asphalt 7 Android has some difficulties of viewing the edge as compared to the Apple version of this game.


Asphalt7-controls-imageThe control by default is same as other previous versions. The accelerator is set on the automatic mode and you need to tap left or right to steer the car. If you want to drift you will have to tilt the device in the left/right direction. On the left side of the screen you can find the brake control. To trigger the nitro boost you will have to tap on the middle of the right screen. The meter is docked on top of the display screen.

Race Tracks

There are 15 tracks designed for Asphalt 7 Android. Five of them are new addition to the traditional track models. You can hardly find any repeating track parts as the game progresses. The developers have put real efforts for sure the newly designed 5 tracks.

Cars and Accessories

The cars are real attraction of a racing game and Gameloft have always maintained their standards. From exotic cars to muscle power, they have got 60 dream and legendary cars in this game including Veyrons, Ferrari, Lamborghini, BMW and Audi.

Graphics and Performance

Asphalt 7 has a brilliant graphical design and it is far better than the previous interfaces. The rich detailed textures and the off track layout is too impressive. The lighting effects looks pretty real which looks more realistic under large display panels. The night mode has been totally redesigned and looks better than any other racing games we have reviewed till date.

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Total care has been take to give players rich game play experience. The light beams, The drift tyre marks and shadow effects add more fun to the game. The iOS version is better than the currently released version for Android and it seems like the gesturing details has been scaled down here. I think the next version will fix it up and si still undergoing bug trials and fixes in the game loft labs.

Sound Effects

The sound effect for the car movements are more or less same as the previous versions. The engine sounds have been modified a bit but can be felt only while playing game with headphone. The superb soundtracks will fuel the throttle rush and at no point the music seemed unsatisfactory. The irritating announcer sound can also be turned off in this version which is a relief.

In-app Billing and Price

Many people find it frustrating to pay for complete product all at once rather than trying it and pay in stages as and when required. The Android In-app features enables developers to make a separate add on features which is available only when you need it. The Asphalt 7 Android can run flawlessly without these extra add on, but if you want then you will have to pay fro the upgrades.

There are numerous cars in the core version but if you want to grab your hands on locked models you will be needing more stars. Now the stars don’t come for free, you will have to beat the records to get them in your account. If you are one of the lazy players and want to unlock them for fast cash, head on the app tab and press unlock button. Pay for the unlocking and you have them as you want. Previous version of Asphalt were tagged at $6.99 whereas this version has been launched at rock bottom price. Guess the upgrades are worth paying for if you are a desperate player.

You can download Asphalt 7 Android directly from the official Google Play Store and install it on your Android device. The minimum Android version required is v2.2. Currently the Price is tagged at $0.99.

Asphalt 7 Trailer Video

Looking for an Offline Cracked Installation APK file?

It is very disheartening to see some Android users hunting down cracked version of Asphalt 7 Android and modded copies to play premium apps from the play store. These apps have been set at down to earth prices and if you still have complains about the price, I simply hope that you lives would have been better without the Android as well.


Although Asphalt 7 has been designed to perfection there are also some negative side which cannot be undermined. The game supports devices running Android 2.2 but the graphics requirement is very high. So if you are thinking about buying and installing it to your old Android device make sure the game runs on it before you press the purchase button. Moreover some glitched has been reported under high end phones as well including Samsung. But for 9 out of 10 people the game worked perfectly fine and the price is worth the excitement and thrill it offers.

So, if you have an Android phone with high end hardware support and GPU acceleration this game is not be missed. Try it out and leave your feedback in the comment section so that we get to know more about the phones and devices it works with.

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