Increase page load speed [Part 1]: with Google Instant Pages

Page loading speed is an important factor when it comes to fighting the Google Panda updates, apart from the benefits of a faster loading website. In its objective to make the web faster, Google has introduced Instant Pages in its search engine & its browser Google Chrome.

What is Instant Pages?

Whenever you search for something on Google, via Chrome, it automatically pre-loads the first result in background if Google thinks that this is exactly what you are searching for. This makes that site open faster, how faster? Instantly, yeah, it loads up in 0.00 seconds! See this video below where Google explains Instant Pages:

 How to add instant pages to you site/blog


For WordPress

Just add the following script in header.php

<?php if (is_archive()) { ?>
<!-- Instant Pages for Google Chrome -->
 <link rel="prerender" href="<?php echo get_next_posts_page_link(); ?>">
<?php } ?>
 For other websites

Add the following script before the closing head tag: </head>

<link rel="prerender" href="YOUR SITE URL HERE">

Be sure to change ‘YOUR SITE URL HERE’ to URL of the page you put this on.

Now just run over to Google, search for your URL & see the difference.

Running under any troubles? leave your feedback in the comments below:

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