How to Remove Google+ Circles Label from Gmail

Google, in its bid to integrate Google+ across most of its services, has just recently added a new label in Gmail, named Circles.

circles label in gmail

The Circles label is a parent label which contains all your Google+ Circles as its child labels. Any mail coming from a person in your circles is labelled appropriately in blue. (See screenshot)

blue circles label in gmail

While many netizens have switched to Google+, but not all & this extra label in their Gmail account feels like pushing g+ down their throat.

No problems, there is a very easy tweak to remove the Circles label from Gmail.

How to Disable the Circles Label

Just follow the below steps in Gmail:

1. Click on the gear button at top-right of Gmail & select Settings.

open gmail settings

2. Click on the Labels tab under Gmail settings.

choose labels under gmail settings

3. Find a section named Circles & click Hide under Show in label list for that section.

hide circles label in gmail settings

Taddaa!! You can now go back to inbox & surf freely without that Circles label 😉

I personally feel it’s a good feature, being a humongous Google+ fan, but what are your thoughts on this? Use the comments below to express them.

Author: Ishaan Garg

Co-Founder, Admin at TrickVilla, am a tech geek. My areas of interest include multimedia editing, SEO, web-designing, gadgets & more.

10 thoughts on “How to Remove Google+ Circles Label from Gmail”

  1. Thank you. I HATE G+ and Cycles etc. I DO NOT WANT THEM! And I HATE THE WAY GOOGLE FORCES DOWN THINGS ON USERS! Gosh, Thank you for this.

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