Google launches Schemer to help you manage real life events

Just like Facebook Events, Schemer helps Google+ users organize & manage events & activities in their real life. It is currently in invite-only private beta version.

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Schemer allows you to post activities (called Schemes) that you’d like to do, like attend Tim’s b’day bash or format your PC. It also allows users to browse & search for public activities that people in your circles are going to do.

Tell Schemer your location to help it find events near you
Tell Schemer your location to help it find events near you.

You can make an activity public (like your birthday party) & invite people in your Google+ Circles to attend it, just like on Facebook Events.

Schemer can even filter activities for you. You are most likely to see friends’ activities nearest to your location & over time, Schemer will learn what kind of events interest you & recommend such public events automatically to you.

You can add friends' events to your to-do list
You can add friends’ events to your to-do list.

Filtering activities will be the flagship feature for Schemer, can they pull it off against Facebook? Time will tell.

But it would have been certainly better, had Google integrated Schemer into Google+ itself, what was the need of creating a separate site for this???

Don’t you agree?

Introductory Video

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