Facebook & Apple: Snagged in negotiation

First it was said to be coming to the iTunes stores on 22 September tentatively. Then, things took a turn and rumors said Facebook’s iPad application was going to be launched sometime later in October. So, expectations ran real high. They had already got Twitter integrated iPad. And the experience of Flickpad app for delivering fresh Facebook and Flickr photos daily was lingering. But until today, no one seemed really informed about the outcome of Facebook’s year long efforts to develop this app FPremium for iPad.

Yeah, it has been launched: Facebook finally launches app for iPad

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Just a hint here and a hint there of a tight rope walking show at the executive level negotiations of the two companies. An avid Facebook user told his network friends in his message that Facebook has updated their developer API’s to allow native app’s news feeds to finally show friends’ activities such as changing profile pics or adding other friends. He added that Facebook was already doing that in essence since its last update and FPremium will be doing so from its next update. He thought that this would help people till the official app made its appearance in the market.

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Facebook’s app for iPhone has a certain promise of making it easier to stay connected. Networked friends can use this app with greater control to update their status, tag friends or upload photos with the help of this new tool. However, things could not be finalized about the newly developed application. Indeed the painstaking process of developing it and not seeing a brainchild kick into the open took a nice worker away from Facebook. Yet, chief executive Mark Zuckerberg is applying patience to it. Until today, when the iPhone app was updated.

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Jeff Verkoeyen, a former Facebook employee, would have nothing of that huge patience anymore. He called it quits and complained in his blog of a harried experience of working with the company. It was a pretty valid a complaint when he said that his labor was not honored enough as the ‘feature complete’ app was shelved by Facebook. It remained there for almost five months now. His claim stood corroborated. A spokeswoman from Facebook said that she was not aware of the app Verkoeyen was talking about. So, the company should not be expected to announce its launch.

Apple teased Facebook further at the announcement of its iPhone 4S recently. It announced Twitter-iPhone integration, leaving Facebok users out in the cold, making Facebook fans feel like the app was never meant to be released. What added to that conviction was a casual remark from the charismatic Apple CEO Steve Jobs. He blamed Facebook’s ‘onerous terms’ for not being able to integrate this more popular social networking site with iPad.

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Even as Steve rests in peace now, there are people who question the validity of his premise. Facebook recently claimed having brought 250 million people together on to Facebook via mobile phones. And the two companies have a rich experience of working on a host of projects together. So, they point a finger at Apple instead of Facebook for the debacle.

After months long wait for the iPad app for Facebook, it looks pretty smooth and social. What’s your opinion?

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