Chrome is now more popular than Firefox worldwide

Internet Explorer has always been the ruler when it comes to web browser usage statistics. Mozilla Firefox used to be the second most popular browser globally, until this year in November, Google Chrome surpassed the Firefox.

chrome beats firefox usage globally

According to StatCounter Global Stats, Chrome took 25.69% of the worldwide market against Firefox’s 25.23%, in November. Though at 39.63%, Internet explorer is still the market leader.

chrome beats firefox in usage estats

I personally use Chrome & love it simply for the simple UI, speed & safety, not to mention the amazing apps & useful extensions.

Firefox has better & more Plugins than any web browser, but Microsoft Internet Explorer is one browser that I am cross with, as its too slow, insecure & vulnerable, ignores many web standards, and what not.

In India, Internet Explorer’s popularity has declined and it’s now far behind leader Firefox & Chrome.

In India firefox beats chrome in usage stats

Globally, popularity of Internet Explorer has been plunging drastically, and it’s not far when one day, Internet Explorer will fall behind Firefox & Chrome.

Talking about USA, Internet Explorer (45.68%) is still the market leader, & Chrome (19.84%) is pushing up really hard, while Firefox (20.76%) is seeing a dive down. Here too, Chrome & Firefox are having a good showdown.

In USA firefox & chrome are close in usage stats

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