5 Tips for writing SEO rich articles

In order to write effective articles for publishing on the web, authors should apply various search engine optimization techniques to their writing.

Search engine optimization, abbreviated SEO, refers to a method of writing and publishing that optimizes an article for search engine visibility.

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By keeping five important SEO techniques in mind, marketers can create unique posts that will appear high in search rankings, and thus will help ensure a steady flow of search-based traffic.

1. Titles

The foremost important aspect of effective SEO post is using a descriptive, relevant title. The title should include relevant key phrases that most users will type when using search engines.

For example, if you look at the title of this post, How to write SEO Rich articles, you will notice that it targets relevant keywords like SEO & articles, but is also attractive & catchy.

This not only helps the page appear higher in search rankings, it also grabs readers’ attention, increasing the number of clicks the page will receive when appearing next to other relevant search results.

2. Keyword Placement

In addition to the title, keywords and phrases must also be used throughout the article itself. Effective SEO copy incorporates numerous keywords specific to the subject matter.

When combing text on the web, search engine crawlers look for such keywords in order to categorize the page and list it in the proper search results.

Each keyword or phrase should appear multiple times, spaced throughout the post, like you can see the keyword SEO sprinkled throughout this post .

3. Text Formatting

Many online readers tend to skim the text on a page they find through search results, in order to gauge whether or not the information is relevant to their query.

In order to cater to this style of reading, SEO article should be broken up into numerous small paragraphs. This helps the keywords stand out in the text, and also helps the reader locate the specific information he or she is searching for.

Additionally, subheadings should be used to label the specific subject of each section of the article.

4. Linking

Including relevant supporting links is another method to improve search engine rankings. By including references and related external content, search engines are able to better categorize the text.

Additionally, the post should incorporate links to relevant internal content from the site on which the copy appears. Both of these SEO methods will make the page appear higher in search rankings, and will also improve user experience by making the page easier to navigate.

Make sure to make your external links nofollow & internal links dofollow, for better SEO.

5. Tags and Descriptions

After writing the article, it is important to include relevant keyword tags before publishing. Tags further help categorize the post in search rankings, and also gives readers an easy way to locate other internal pages that include the same tags.

Additionally, a brief meta-description should be included. The meta-description appears on the search results, allowing users to easily glean the subject matter of the post.

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Emily is an online marketer and contributing writer for Invesp, a company which helps clients with their conversion optimization efforts.

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