5 awesome interactive Youtube videos

Youtube allows users to create a link in a particular section of your uploaded video. This is what it calls Annotations. Some Youtube power users have made an innovative use of these annotations to build interactive youtube videos, that seem more like a game.

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Some of these interactive videos may have a different ending every time you play it, depending on what options you choose while playing the video. Some throw up such questions that will put you in a deep dilemma on what to choose.

So have fun literally ‘playing’ the 5 videos below & let us know which one you liked the best 😉

 1. The Birthday Party: A Chad, Matt & Rob Interactive Adventure!

My favorite, in this great interactive video from the trio, you gotta help these funny guys reach the birthday party, without dying. Sounds fun? Play the video to indulge yourself in action, fun & suspense…

2. Angry Birds Interactive Game

We’ve already spent ages soaked up in the fun game, to help innocent angry birds get back their stolen eggs from the evil pigs.

In this interactive youtube video, you get a chance to join these 2 guys play the game in real, at a local park! Can you help the furious birds, pop those little round pigs?

3. Ronald Has A Spider On His Head: An Interactive Mis-Adventure!

This is one of the earliest examples of interactive Youtube videos & is quite amateur & short. But the moral & out-of-the-box thinking of this misadventure made it into our list. Plus, these LEGOs are so very lively!

4. The Treasure Hunt: A Chad, Matt & Rob Interactive Adventure!

This misadventure leads the 3 Youtube stars: Chad, Matt & Rob in a quest to hunt an old treasure. Will the trio survive to find the treasure, or die a tragic death…..it’s all in your hands mouse now!

5. La Linea interactive

Based on the popular Italian animated series La Linea, this fun video lets you choose your way through the game. It’s very humorous & fun, enjoy the game 😉

Which is your favorite video among these 5, or do you have some more interactive videos to share? Use our comments below 😉


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